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Dr. Baron Educates Other Doctors at Local Hospital on Risks of UV Exposure

As both a medical and cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Baron sees a large number of cases stemming from overexposure to the sun. Last fall, she was invited to present her educational lecture to Stanford University Family Practice residents and other doctors and nurses at O'Connor Hospital.  Her presentation, entitled "UV-A's, B's, and C's," provided a specialist's perspective on effective protection from UV sun exposure and the consequences of too much sun.

For more information on skin cancer prevention, you are welcome to visit the website of the Advanced Institute for Skin Cancer & Mohs Surgery (AISCMS), and education resource for the general public and an interactive blog.

BroadBand Light Therapy
Written by Jennifer Baron
Saturday, 09 August 2008 08:33
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Many Skin Discolorations Are Successfully Treatable with Broadband Light Therapy

BroadBand Light (BBL) technology utilizes the power of intense visible light to reduce pigment caused by sun damage (brown spots and "spider veins"), birth marks ("port wine stains"), scars (surgical and from injury), and stretch marks. By selecting the appropriate light wavelength, I treat a wide range of skin conditions.


Broadband Light therapy (BBL) for Treatment of Skin Discoloration, Sun-Damage Spots, Scars, Birthmarks, and Acne on Face, Hands & Body

Perhaps the safest and most effective non-invasive treatments available today for dramatic improvement of sun-damaged or rosacea-prone skin, the Sciton BBL phototherapy device stands alone amongst other laser and light therapy devices.  With no downtime, reasonable cost, minimal discomfort and significant results even after a single treatment, the BBL treatment is a gem for the safe rejuvenation of aged or damaged skin.

Skin-Tyte for Reducing a Sagging Neck and Jawline, Improving Appearance of Stretch Marks

The Skin-Tyte device utilizes infrared heat to stimulate instant and delayed contraction of collagen fibers located under the skin’s surface.  3 – 5 weekly treatments result in a cumulative tightening of sagging facial and neck skin, jowls, and deep folds around the mouth and upper lip.  Skin-Tyte is also very effective in tightening stretch marks and reducing their appearance in all areas of the body.  The actual procedure is not painful and, in fact, requires no anesthetic for a comfortable treatment.  Down time is zero, and most patients return to work immediately after their treatments.



The light energy delivered by the BBL gently heats the upper layers of the skin. The heat absorbed by the targeted areas stimulates the skin cells to generate new collagen, causing a slight tightening (toning) effect. This process helps restore the skin to its natural state as the photothermal energy targets and eliminates tiny broken capillaries and excess brown pigment (melanin).

Patient Testimonials


5  I highly recommend Miss Jennifer Baron! She takes the time to address my needs, listens, and explains procedures. When I leave her office I feel good (and my skin feels great!) She truely cares about her patients. And everyone who works in the office is kind and friendly. She will see me again! --Connie C.

5  The treatment made significant changes in the appearance of my stretch marks and sagging skin. Had 5 treatments and the change is significant. --Noelle S.

5  The BBL phototherapy treatment was not painful (although a little uncomfortable) and I went right back to my normal day afterwards.  My brown spots (from old sun damage) and spider veins around my nose disappeared about 4 days later--I was REALLY amazed!  I am so motivated now to take better care of my skin since I've been given a "fresh face."  I am so glad to have my skin back--thank you Dr. Baron!!  --Jane B.


The following video interview has been provided by Sciton, a local bay area company, and world leader in phototherapy technology. The experiences described by these patients mirror closely those of my own and give an idea of what you might expect. However, please feel free to ask questions by contacting us by telephone or email, and we would be happy to assist you.



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