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Quality Skin Care Products For Skin Nourishment & Protection: jbSKIN, EltaMD & COOLA sunscreens & Oils of Aloha kukui sunburn/anti-inflammatory relief

Jennifer Baron, MD, launched her own professional label skin care product line, jbSKIN, tailored to the specific needs of many skin concerns. She has extensively investigated a large array of medical-grade products and has chosen to provide only those that she feels are superior, both in efficacy and ease-of-use. The jbSKIN customized products include anti-aging serums and night creams, antioxidant-rich moisturizers and cleansers, an intensive hand repair cream, smoothing body lotions, acne care cleanser and pads and gentle pigment fading creams, an incredible hydrating face mask, and others! She has also selected world-class sunscreens with micronized zinc oxide for full-spectrum UVA and UVB sun protection.  Both EltaMD and COOLA sunscreens are reliably protective while also non-greasy, clear (or with an optional sheer tint), and safe for babies, kids, athletes, swimmers, everyone!  The COOLA products also include several clear and tinted sun-protective lip balms and they are all safe for the world's coral reefs.  We are happy to answer any and all questions about our select skin care products.

COVID-19 announcement
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Dear loyal and valued patients,

As our county and state are in a "shelter in place" mandate and, as it is upon all of us to work together as a community to reduce the chance of spreading what is evident is a potentially deadly and easily transmissable respiratory disease, our office is open one day a week for essential health services (cancer, infection, inflammation, autoimmune flare-ups, pain, severe hives, itching) until the mandate is lifted (to be declared per government).  We are providing medically necessary procedures, medication renewals, treatment for urgent infections and flare-ups, Our doors are open on Thursday, for essential medical needs from 9am - 1pm.  Our phones are temporarily down, so please email to confirm. We are here for you. If you need immediate contact, please call Dr. Baron directly (415-310-6060)  or call 9-1-1 any day of the week for any urgent concerns.

Our community is strong and we will weather this storm. Aloha.

Most Sincerely,

Jennifer Baron, MD


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